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Breaking the Generational Curses in Relationships

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

We have all heard of generational curses at some point in our lives. Generational curses are real and they can affect many areas of your life. You may be asking what is a generational curse in my marriage can that even be possible. An example of a generational curse is divorce. Your parents grew up in homes with divorced parents, so they both lacked a clear picture of what a healthy relationship looks like. With this negative example, your parents developed unhealthy relationship habits and passed those on to you. Did you marry into a generational curse? The reality is you can marry or come into business covenants that can tie you into a generational curse. So your generational curse in your marriage not only can affect your marriage but it can affect your business, and ministry. This is very important point for you to remember because most people are not aware of spiritual laws pertaining to this.

Marriages in itself are indeed covenants; scripture declares that the two shall become one. God told the children of Israel not to make any covenants with the inhabitants of Canaan, neither were they to establish marriages with them. In fact, God specifically said, “Do not give your daughters to their sons, neither allow their sons to marry your daughters”. The reason for this was they would turn the children of Israel away from God and cause them to serve other gods and be into idol worship. When you marry someone you have to make sure that it is God connecting you to that person. When you base marriage off of flesh it can turn out hell on earth being married to the wrong person not to add generational curses into it with the many other problems that come with flesh ordained relationships and marriages. Usually, these marriages end up in divorce 99% of the time. Even long after you have left the relationship and get into another relationship you see some of the same issues or characteristics being displayed.

This is because of generational curses. Generational curses do indeed set limitations on families. It does not matter how educated, wealthy, healthy or prosperous you feel you maybe. There is a set time before whatever generational curse begins to run its course in that individual’s life, and by whatever covenant in your life that you have made, as a result of your marital or business covenant with them. If you are divorced, you need to begin breaking the spiritual covenant that was created when you got married the first time. Just in case you didn't know there are two covenants that are established when marriage is involved and they are spiritual and physical covenants. This also applies to relationships when sexual intercourse was involved. Sexual intercourse establishes spiritual covenants, also known as soul ties. This is why it seems like every person you meet seem to harbor the same characteristics as the last relationship. You have to break the soul ties or spiritual covenants that were created from sexual intercourse so that you can be realigned with your destiny and purpose and break the cycle of poor choices and decision making from your life. Repent, denounce it and come out of agreement with it and what ever lies are tied to it. When you go into the next relationship or get married it will be a covenant relationship that will remain.


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